The Veronica and Me Brand specialises in creating unique, customised embroidery and I create all of my own designs.  Now you can have your own designs created for you too with our embroidery digitizing service!

Perhaps you enjoy drawing and would like to have your picture embroidered onto a fabric item or you have a hand written note written by someone special that you would like to create a memorable item with.  I can help you turn your memories into stitches so that you can keep them close forever.

So what is Embroidery Digitizing anyway?

Embroidery digitizing is the art (trust me, it’s ART) of taking a picture of some kind and converting it to embroidery stitches.  Someone who has never digitized before will tell you that you just put the picture into the right software and push a button.

There is actually a lot more to it than you think and I actually find myself recalling some long lost memories from high school physics classes when considering the techniques and skills it takes to create a good embroidery design and consider the push and pull of fabric and thread tensions… I won’t bore you with it all but trust me, it’s not just clicking a button!  Well it kind of is except its a few several thousand button clicks, several hours and often several handful tugs of my hair!

If you’re interested in learning more about embroidery digitizing, I have created an overview video which I’ve uploaded on my YouTube Channel.  I also plan to delve into this topic in more depth in my upcoming blogs so look out for these over the next few months.

Right where were we…

But there are so many people who digitize!

Yes there are but when it comes to embroidery digitizing the quality of your finished product will be a direct result of the quality of the digitizing of the design.

I pride myself on the quality of my work and my ongoing customer service.  I guarantee that you will love your design and if you don’t, I will do whatever I need to to fix it so you do.

I offer flat rates for my digitizing services so there are no surprises and I know it can sometimes be a hassle to get a quote for services and have a delay while you wait for a response.

I have TWO flat rates (because lets face it, not all embroidery designs are created equal):

  • $15 for a simple design (not much detail)
  • $25 for a complex design (lots of detail)

All my designs are manually digitized and tested so you know you are getting a perfect design every time!  I can also offer a fast turn around time if you need, just let me know your requirements and I will do my best to cater to your needs!

If you are still not convinced I am the BEST person to help you, send me an email and I can happily provide you with a sample product of my work so you can see the quality of my designs for yourself.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you turn your dream designs into a reality.

Mandy xx

Complicated Designs

  • This price is for more complicated designs with lots of detail.

  • My prices include as many sizes and formats as you want and ongoing support (in case you need any changes or additional sizes later on).

  • My usual turn around time for digitising is 24-48 hours but if you have a specific deadline I am happy to meet that where possible though.